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org::openstreetmap::josm::plugins::slippymap::SlippyMapLayer Class Reference

Inherits org::openstreetmap::josm::gui::layer::Layer, java::awt::image::ImageObserver, and org::openstreetmap::josm::data::Preferences::PreferenceChangedListener.

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Detailed Description

Class that displays a slippy map layer.

Frederik Ramm <frederik@remote.org>

Definition at line 39 of file SlippyMapLayer.java.

Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
Icon getIcon ()
Object getInfoComponent ()
Component[] getMenuEntries ()
String getToolTipText ()
boolean imageUpdate (Image img, int infoflags, int x, int y, int width, int height)
boolean isMergable (Layer other)
void mergeFrom (Layer from)
void paint (Graphics g, MapView mv)
void preferenceChanged (String key, String newValue)
void visitBoundingBox (BoundingXYVisitor v)

Package Functions

SlippyMapTile getTileForPixelpos (int px, int py)
void loadAllTiles ()

Package Attributes

LatLon lastBotRight
LatLon lastTopLeft
Point[][] pixelpos = new Point[21][21]
ArrayList< HashMap< Integer,
SlippyMapTile > > 
tileStorage = null
int z12x0
int z12x1
int z12y0
int z12y1

Private Member Functions

void clearTileStorage ()
int latToTileY (double lat)
int lonToTileX (double lon)
double tileXToLon (int x)
double tileYToLat (int y)

Private Attributes

Image bufferImage
SlippyMapTile clickedTile
boolean needRedraw
JPopupMenu tileOptionMenu

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