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org::openstreetmap::josm::plugins::validator::tests::CrossingWays Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openstreetmap::josm::plugins::validator::tests::CrossingWays:


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Detailed Description

Tests if there are segments that crosses in the same layer


Definition at line 19 of file CrossingWays.java.

Public Member Functions

void addGui (@SuppressWarnings("unused") JPanel testPanel)
 CrossingWays ()
void endTest ()
Command fixError (@SuppressWarnings("unused") TestError testError)
List< TestErrorgetErrors ()
List< List< ExtendedSegment > > getSegments (Node n1, Node n2)
boolean isFixable (@SuppressWarnings("unused") TestError testError)
void ok ()
void setBeforeUpload (boolean isUpload)
void setPartialSelection (boolean partialSelection)
void startTest ()
boolean testBeforeUpload ()
void visit (Relation r)
void visit (Node n)
void visit (Collection< OsmPrimitive > selection)
void visit (Way w)

Static Public Member Functions

static void initialize (@SuppressWarnings("unused") OSMValidatorPlugin plugin) throws Exception

Protected Attributes

JCheckBox checkBeforeUpload
JCheckBox checkEnabled
String description
boolean enabled = true
List< TestErrorerrors = new ArrayList<TestError>(30)
boolean isBeforeUpload
String name
boolean partialSelection
boolean testBeforeUpload = true

Package Attributes

Map< Point2D, List
< ExtendedSegment > > 
HashSet< WaySegment > errorSegments


class  ExtendedSegment

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