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org::openstreetmap::josm::plugins::validator::tests::SimilarNamedWays Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openstreetmap::josm::plugins::validator::tests::SimilarNamedWays:


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Detailed Description

Checks for similar named ways, symptom of a possible typo. It uses the Levenshtein distance to check for similarity


Definition at line 21 of file SimilarNamedWays.java.

Public Member Functions

void addGui (@SuppressWarnings("unused") JPanel testPanel)
void endTest ()
Command fixError (@SuppressWarnings("unused") TestError testError)
List< TestErrorgetErrors ()
int getLevenshteinDistance (String s, String t)
boolean isFixable (@SuppressWarnings("unused") TestError testError)
void ok ()
void setBeforeUpload (boolean isUpload)
void setPartialSelection (boolean partialSelection)
 SimilarNamedWays ()
void startTest ()
boolean testBeforeUpload ()
void visit (Relation r)
void visit (Node n)
void visit (Collection< OsmPrimitive > selection)
void visit (Way w)

Static Public Member Functions

static void initialize (@SuppressWarnings("unused") OSMValidatorPlugin plugin) throws Exception

Protected Attributes

JCheckBox checkBeforeUpload
JCheckBox checkEnabled
String description
boolean enabled = true
List< TestErrorerrors = new ArrayList<TestError>(30)
boolean isBeforeUpload
String name
boolean partialSelection
boolean testBeforeUpload = true

Package Attributes

Map< Point2D, List< Way > > cellWays
Bag< Way, Way > errorWays

Static Private Member Functions

static int Minimum (int a, int b, int c)

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